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About Us




Last year, over 100, 000 dogs and over 30, 000 cats were picked up by shelters in Spain.

It is still far too common to find litters of kittens in bins, or abandoned dogs wandering the streets who are dying of hunger. Shelters are constantly overwhelmed, with too many homeless animals, and not enough homes to send them to.

New Start Rescue Spain is combating the problem by rescuing animals and adopting them out, not just in Spain, but all over Europe! Abroad, we often find far more people who are willing to adopt and fund the rescues of our animals. We also educate on the importance of neutering and spaying cats and dogs, to keep populations down and hinder more unwanted litters being born.

The dogs we get in for adoption are kept in a kennel in the south of Spain. Cats are either kept in the shelter or allocated a foster home. In the shelter, they are not put in cages, but divided out of size and personality into big fenced areas.

All the dogs and cats get several checkups by a veterinary both before they come in to the kennel and before they travel to their new homes. Our biggest wish is that all the dogs and cats, no matter what condition they arrive in, get the best care and treatment possible for them to be in good shape before an adoption finds place.


The organization runs without any funds from the government. All operations are based on voluntarily work, donations and sponsors. The adoption fee covers veterinary expenses, necessary documentation and the trip itself. Other funding gets used for food, maintenance of the kennel, equipment and any additional veterinary expenses.

We welcome everyone that wants to pay a visit, whether it is to pick up your own dog, or just to see the kennel. Many have already taken the trip down to visit us, and we hope and wish that more people will do the same to meet us and our lovely dogs and cats!

Our Story
The Costs




We often pay out of our pocket to rescue animals. One of our volunteers, Carmen Garcia, lives full-time in our shelter, and dedicates most of her time to taking care of the animals and rescuing others. We fundraise what we can for costly operations and huge fees. For adoptions, we only ask that the basic vet fees of the dog and cat is covered (vaccinations, neutering/spaying, microchip, worm and flea treatment and documentation), as well as any travel, if adopted abroad.

We frequently allocate a lot of our funds to subsidise the cats that are overlooked, or bonded cats we want to adopt out in pairs. We often subsidise them up to £100-£300 in donations. We keep our adoption donations as reasonably low as possible, but we understand that we cannot ask for fees as low as those from local shelters. A cat with a donation between £110-£150 has already been allocated a huge amount of our funds. We also cannot ask for a donation fee this low for all our animals.

Meet Our Volunteers

Nina Corbera

Hi! I'm Nina, I am the president of New Start Rescue Spain. I have been rescuing animals for 15 years. I work full-time as an English teacher, and in my spare time run my shelter and rescue operations. I have my own little chihuahua mix puppy at home, who was part of a rescued litter. I love ecological farming, growing my own food! I also love Crossfit. 

I love salads, and my favorite hobbies is sports, rock climbing and hiking.


Carmen Garcia

Hey, I am Carmen, and I live in the shelter in Granada, Spain with all the cats, dogs, and our own chickens. We produce our own ecological eggs there too. I have been 20 years divorced, with three children, and am retired. I worked incredibly hard since age 17 as a maid and a cook in bars to bring up my kids. I hate going out - I like to just stay in and run the shelter, and help rescue animals.

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