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How to Adopt

Thank you for showing an interest in one of cats or dogs!

We have a slightly different process for adopting out our cats versus our dogs, as we have two teams allocated each of them. Below is the step by step process to go through.

Adopt A Dog

Here is some general info about the adoption process; first, we always want to find the perfect homes for these dogs as they have been through a lot and we want to avoid re-homing. That's why we want to spend a lot of time talking to you and also ask you to fill out a pre-adoption form that you send back to us. That way we can see if you and the dog is a good match. We also send you the contract to read through.

If you're still commited to the adoption after that and agree with the terms in the contract and we think you and the dog are suitable for each other, we can reserve the dog to you and start the process with getting him to you!

All our adult dogs are sterilized/castrated as we dont want to contribute to more unwanted dogs being born, but the pups have to be neutered when they come of age.

The adoption fee & transport in total can also differ a bit depending where the dog is going. We take €100 paid in advance to reserve the dog and another €150 before the travel, a total of €250 in adoption fee this money is for all tests, papers, vaccines, and to prepare your dog to be adopted. The adopter also pays for the transport.

Then we add you to our Happy group on Facebook where you connect with all our adopters, volunteers and dogs and can put out updates and pictures/videos for us to see how he is doing in his new home. This is great group with lovely people and a super community!

To reserve, please message us on our official Facebook page, or email us at You are likely to receive a quicker respond by contacting our Facebook page.

Adopt A Cat

Our cats all primarily come from our shelter in Spain, although we may assist other rescues or local cats in the UK. The cats come from a range of circumstances, some quite rough, and so we want to ensure they are matched with the perfect family. We adopt out primarily in Spain and in the UK. Our foster homes are based around Glasgow.

In order to adopt from us, we ask you to fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire and accept a homecheck from us. If no homecheckers volunteers are available, we ask to do a remote homecheck through Skype or a similar platform. Once this process is completed, we ask for part of the adoption fee paid as a reservation, and the rest paid in completion later. 

As you can see on our page, our cats are more expensive to adopt than local shelters. That is because we have rescued the majority from abroad and sent them to us in the UK - a lot of time, effort, and fundraising money has been spent on them to bring them to safety. We spend a lot of time raising us much money as we can to subsidise some of them, but we cannot always allocate the funds we want.

Cats that are still located in Spain we ask to both cover their adoption fee as well as their travel, which can be anywhere between €250-€350 (around £210-£310) without any subsidies.

If you feel ready for adoption knowing all this, please get in touch with us on our Facebook Cat Adoption group, or email us at

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