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Support Our Work

Here are New Start Rescue Spain, we are run entirely from donations.

We receive no government support for the work we do, and the physical work (rescuing cats and dogs, maintaining the shelter, doing homechecks, paperwork, etc) is entirely voluntary. With your help, we can rescue many more lives and achieve so much more.

Below are ways that you can help fund our work and be a part of the people who change a rescued animal's life forever.

Donate to Our Cause

Money is nearly always short - this is how you can help.

There are many ways to support our work financially, and it doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. 

You can donate €1 monthly with our TEAMING - this helps us maintain the shelter, cover veterinary bills and cover food for our dogs and cats. Every little bit counts, and your contribution will make a difference in the lives of our shelter animals.


You can also donate more to us directly through our PayPal pooling. 


Our sponsoring scheme will launch next year, and will allow you to donate a set fee monthly to us. Stay tuned!


Become A Foster

Our UK cat foster network is always in need of volunteers.

Our cat adoptions runs from our shelter in Spain, as well as our base in Glasgow, the latter of which is made up entirely of foster homes. We send over cats to the UK that either need time to be socialised, or that face minimal chance of adoption in Spain. It is common in Spain for kittens to be put in bins to die, abandoned on the road, or in the wild - or for friendly neighbourhood cats, with no home, to be poisoned. This is the sad reality for cats in Spain, and there are far too many to home.

If we are unsuccessful at finding a home for cats in Spain, we start looking for a home in the UK. Unless already adopted, we send them to a foster home, where they can be visited by the adopter and face a better chance of finding a home.

You can foster even if you already have other animals - in fact, most of our fosters have cats and dogs. All you need to foster another cat is a spare room where the cat can settle and be slowly introduced to the other animals in your household.

If you are interested in fostering, please contact us on Facebook, or send us an email to our UK contact,


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