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New Start Rescue Spain

"Many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world" - Eduardo Galeano


Who We Are

Our Mission

Here at New Start Rescue Spain, we are driven by a single goal: to rescue as many dogs and cats from misery on the streets of Spain as we can. We are a small group of volunteers who donate our free time to the rescue and rehoming of the unloved dogs and cats left to fend for themselves on the street. Our organisation is run entirely of the goodwill of others who support our work and help us keep rescuing!

The volunteers do not receive any payment for their work for this organization. It is a dedicated group of people that put their hearts into saving many of the homeless dogs and cats of Spain. Most of them has already adopted one or several dogs and cats themselves, and thereby also have a lot of personal experience with the process and also the magic around being able to change a weak animal’s life forever!

We rely completely on the kindness of strangers to help share our cause and contribute funds to help us keep rescuing. Here is how you can help our dogs and cats.

Become A Sponsor

Contribute as little as 25p a day to one of our cats or dogs to subsidise veterinary fees and travel costs, and give them the best chance they can of finding their forever home.

Join Our Teaming

Sign up to give just €1 a month to help the upkeep of the shelter and fund the extra costs.

Become a Foster

Join our UK foster network to give our rescues a safe place to gain confidence while they are waiting for a forever home.

Help Us Make a Difference



By adopting one of our rescues, you save two lives: the animal that has been rescued, and that animal that can take its place in a foster or shelter. A rescued animal always has so much love to give - feel free to look through our cats and dogs still waiting for loving homes.


Cats for Adoption

Dogs for Adoption

The NSRS Shelter
Spill video

Contact New Start Rescue Spain

Calle Infantas 24a, La Zubia, Granada


CHARITY REG (Spain): G19662402


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